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Cires21 exhibiting at IBC 2019

Monday, 9 September, 2019
Stream live content anywhere, in any format, to any device. Live events or 24/7 linear channels.

Madrid, 9th September 2019, Cires21, the Company providing live streaming solutions for any professional ecosystem, from major broadcasters and world class event programmers to major content suppliers and Pay-TV channels, participates one more year in IBC as an exhibitor within the Content Everywhere Europe Hub, Hall 14, booth #B12.

“After 7 years of participating at IBC, we are proud to attend this year with a new challenge”,- declared Manuel Cardeñas, Product Director of Cires21- “and we hope to meet attendees expectations with Live Director, our software as a service for creation and management of world class live streaming events. Live Director can deploy in minutes a complex Live Streaming workflow using the current customer Infrastructure at any provider with their own CDNs.”.

Fully based on SaaS philosophy and microservices architecture, Live Director can be deployed on any hybrid or cloud/edge infrastructure to create, process and monitor live events or 24/7 linear channels through an orchestration system tool that extremely simplifies the task to create complex Live Video Streaming workflows.

With a user-friendly interface, it can be started in minutes and scale automatically without the need to grow your technical resources. But most important, Live Director can help to increase your company revenues thanks to its Served-Side Ad Insertion capabilities and to protect your content with DRM.

About Cires21

Cires21 provides live streaming solutions for any professional ecosystem, from major broadcasters and main event programmers to major content suppliers and pay-TV channels at a global level. Our software based streaming platform allows the media market to increase its capacity, delivering a unique internet video experience. Cires21 provides an end-to-end solution for live streaming enabling live content everywhere, in any format, to any device for live events and 24/7 linear channels.



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