Integrated operability

C21 Live Control reduces dramatically the adapting time needed by the operational management to take part into the streaming environment. It includes automation of tasks, and overview of channels, encoding profiles, destinations, live-streams, and media locations, all in one place.

With it's hybrid approach, it controls at the same time appliance and cloud deployments, ensuring an easy adaptability to any business model. Moreover, users can have restricted or administrative access to the platform, making teamwork easier and organized.

Key Features

Multi-profile Access

Users can have restricted or administrative access to the platform

Hybrid approach

Manage all your instances from one single place, either deployed on ground or cloud

Friendly UI

Intuitive, multi-lingual and multiuser interface


Easy management, monitoring and integration with third-party systems via REST API

Streaming quality without a fixed infrastructure

Manage all our products simply: on-prem, cloud or hybrid


Ability to check the live streams from the interface itself, either by status, records and logs, or even being able to monitor the content playing it.

Easy configuration

The unified interfaces of management (Web, API, SNMP) offers the possibility of integration with third-party elements, adding intelligence to the system and enabling the reduction of costs in content management.

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