Powerful Editing & Clipping

C21 Live Editor is a powerful editing software tool for live video streaming. Its main functions are automation and content creation for VOD  and Catch Up TV libraries.

It allows you to perform extractions, cuts and selection of video segments of any live streaming broadcast as it happens, and send them over to various destinations including Social Media and FTPs.

Key Features

Frame level accuracy

Precise editing and frame-by-frame navigation to create accurate clips

Simultaneous editing

With its multi-user approach, multiple clippings can be done at the same time

Metadata Insertion

Perfect for the integration with advertisement services, video players, etc.

EPG integration

Find elements, programs, perform selection and automate edition tasks


Easy management, monitoring and integration with third-party systems.

Virtualisation support

Quick setup on client hardware or on the cloud of your choice.

Friendly UI

Simple and clean interface. Start clipping in seconds, and with no previous experience

Import / Export

Backup your work and bring it again later with simple JSON download & upload

Don't wait until the event is over

Bring your HLS and start clipping in minutes. The timeline tool lets you navigate freely throughout the recording. The clips you select will be available for monetization at the location of your choice.

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