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Cires21 and Akamai will be present at BITAM 2013

Monday, 4 November, 2013
Akamai and Cires21 will perform a demonstration of their massive video delivery technology.

Cires21's technology is based on their very own software following the market standards and using open source libraries in order to create an innovative product which aims to improve the quality of the processes used in the management of live content for broadcasting on the Internet/broadcasting.

Akamai is a cloud service provider for delivery, optimizing and securing of content and online business applications. Based on Akamai's very own patented Intelligent Platform (Akamai Intelligent Platform ™), the Sola Media Solutions enables an economic alternative to the online content distribution to the widest possible range of devices, providing a rich video with HD quality to any device and audience on a massive scale.

Akamai and Cires21 will perform a demo of their massive video delivery technology, Sola Media Solutions, on Wednesday, the 6th of November, in Madrid during BITAM 2013.

In their shift towards a broadcasting via Internet, the television networks are faced with a number of challenges that hinder this inevitable step forward. In this context, the solution that Cires21 brings forward for video stream management, and Akamai's solution for mass delivery, overall simplify the present and future scenarios. During the event, the show entitled "From Broadcast to Live Streaming" will take place. This is a live broadcast on the Internet which will demonstrate the combined capabilities of Akamai and Cires21 in such a context.

Cires21 is a partner of Akamai, and whose solutions enable distribution, management and monitoring of live content on the Internet in multiple formats, as well as their monetization. Nowadays it is present and an integrated part of all major broadcasters, sports companies, media and major national telcos.

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