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The C21 SME (Broadcast Monitoring System) is a platform used for the monitoring and analysis of signals of DVB -T, DVB-S/S2 and also Live streaming video services. It can perform the monitoring of the above mentioned networks in attended and unattended mode during its operation in real-time.

The C21 SME is responsible for monitoring and service assurance, both of which are required at every step of the signal generation. This makes it a unique tool when it comes to ensuring the monitoring of service levels in terms of availability and quality throughout the whole video broadcasting value chain. The C21 SME system performs detection and failure analysis tasks in its acquisition phase, in the production of transport protocols for its delivery to distribution networks, and up to the delivery point, near the end user.

The monitoring architecture consists of two elements:

  • Remote monitoring probes, which can be installed at the ends of the transmission network. They perform the acquisition, recording and control of the received signals, as well as the generation of alarms as needed.
  • A centralized control and management console. It performs the management of all monitoring architecture and the logic generated by the alarms which have been triggered.


Different signal formats. Signal reception in different formats such as ASI, DVB-(T-S/S2 ), IPTV, ...

Into IPTV environments, capture SAP announcements to show the viewable channels of the network in which it is located. 

Real-time monitoring, with historical statistics which allows for the analysis of the service availability.

Configurables cycles recordings per channels.

Centralized web-based management which allows viewing the broadcasts status from a single interface.

User and equipment monitoring management. The solution has different user roles thus allowing for the setting-up of system usage profiling. Moreover, the advanced management of users and of monitoring equipment, allows for the setting-up of states in order to eliminate maintenance alerts, eliminating false alerts.

Continuous 24/7 operation through engineering support services to ensure a perfect continuity of your services.

High availability. Ensures the redundancy of all components adapting to the availability needs of any customer.


Real-time error detection of your broadcasted content, both of the DVB components as well as of the audio visual content. The C21 SME has the ability to generate alerts via email or web services while maintaining a logic which enables it to avoid spamming the users with notifications.

Viewing the broadcast content. Each system's probe is capable of generating a mosaic streaming with a live content by adding the ability to monitor the broadcasted content in real-time.

Remote recording of the monitored contents. Each probe can maintain a circular recording of the broadcasted content, enabling its display and checkup. Moreover, as soon as a probe detects an error, it maintains a copy of the transport stream for its further analysis.

Based on Cires21 products. This solution is based on the C21 Live Encoder and C21 Live Mosaic, which makes it as a result, a widely proven solution and therefore, the costs are reduced.

Adjustment and integration with the systems of the client. The solution is designed using Cires21 products as a starting point, adjusted however to the broadcast monitoring. So it is the solution that is adjusting to the customer and not the other way around.

Based on web tools. Being fully based on web tools, including the editor, the learning curve is practically nil, thus allowing for its immediate adoption in any organization.

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