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C21 Live Relay is a service meant for broadcasting live events or sharing broadcasted channels through streaming technology, on both managed and unmanaged public networks. These contents are distributed in multiple formats and qualities to multiple destinations (CDNs, Live Streaming services, recording, storage services).

The solution is made of hardware/software encoding elements and a wide range of deployed services in the cloud, managed by C21 Live Control. This way a close adjustment is provided to the needs of physical connectivity of the original signal, together with the comfort associated with the relocation of encoding tasks and cloud distribution.

The underlying transmission infrastructure for C21 Live Cloud service includes contribution from the Internet and unmanaged networks, which makes it an extremely affordable and effective tool when dealing with traditional media for this kind of services, (like satellite for example).

C21 Live Cloud is the number one solution chosen by many market players, associated with worldwide events, whether sports or showbiz.


Fast deployment and configuration. Thanks to the versatility of the C21 Live Cloud services and to the possibility of acquisition and delivery through software or appliance, it dramatically reduces the implementation time of an infrastructure's contribution.


Video processing. Integration with C21 Live Cloud services enables the use of all its features: Ad insertion and black-out, playout, ...

Recording capacity of the delivered contents for their use as backup, or even as a circular recording to store an specific range of time.

Transporting content components. Multiaudio, subtitles and teletext.

High availability. Ensures the redundancy of all components adapting to the availability needs of any customer.

Integration with CDN and live streaming services. Adding the ability to perform the contribution of the same event for broadcasting and streaming.


Video contribution for point-to-point or multipoint distribution. You can have the transfer between two points or keeping a star network topology for distribution to multiple geographically dispersed locations.

Highly efficient in the transfer of audiovisual signals. The use of UDR-P protocol ensures the error correction and packet reordering with a high throughput-level. UDRP is aimed at datagrams, which improves the latency results.

Transmission of MPEG transport stream. Which preserves the integrity of the associated services in the next phase, for video 're-purposing', for example.

Integration with C21 Live Cloud services. Opening a new range of possibilities for content distribution.

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