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The Compliance Recording solution of Cires21 is based on Cires21 products and tailored to the requirements of maintaining a legal copy of all broadcasts. This solution enables the recording of continuous television programming channels in MPTS / SPTS formats. The video channels are stored in a transcoded MPEG2, MPEG4 or HEVC in the desired format. Moreover, the user can select which of the elements (PID) of the DVB content they want to keep, delete or transcode. This allows you to store a copy with the required elements (EPG, subtitles, audio) for its subsequent use or processing by groups of users.

Among the provided suite of tools, there is a video editor included which allows for easy extraction of clips, remote management using Web tools and a built-in playout for the playback of the recorded material.

The Compliance Recording system of Cires21 allows the creation of user groups with the assignment of different levels of security and rights. So it helps with its management in situations where different access rights or different functions are in place (conciliation with advertisers, compliance or legal copy, reconciling with copyright associations, etc.)


Continuous and scheduled recording. This solution allows you to set the duration of the recording as well as several different storage systems, so that you can set different storage policies according to the duration of the copy, channel.

Inserting metadata in the original content, for the integration with the avertisments services, players, amoung others.

Integration with playout systems. Allows it to find elements or programs and selecting and editing operations accodring to the broadcaster's procedures.

Variety of storage systems, with support from local storage, SMB or NFS.

Software and appliance versions. Adjusting to the customer's needs and securing the investment. 

Web interfaces, API REST and SNMP. It allows for an intuitive use of the tool and the integration with third party system for automating the editing processes.

Continuous 24/7 operation through engineering support services to ensure a perfect continuity of your services.

Diagnostic tools. Ensuring an easy diagnosis of the problems which might arise thus reducing the downtime in case of any system failure.

High availability. Ensures the redundancy of all components adapting to the availability needs of any customer.


Based on Cires21 products. This solution is based on the C21 Live Encoder, C21 Live Editor  and C21 Live Control, which makes it as a result, a widely proven solution and therefore, the costs are reduced.

Adjustment and integration with the systems of the client. The solution is designed using Cires21 products as a starting point, adjusted however to the Compliance Recording. So it is the solution that is adjusting to the customer and not the other way around.

Storage savings. The transcoding and compression of each elements allows you to choose the ideal compromise between the quality and the storage space by the recordings.

Based on web tools. Being fully based on web tools, including the editor, the learning curve is practically nil, thus allowing for its immediate adoption in any organization.

Live format adjusting. The Compliance Recording system is based on elements of C21 Live Encoder, which allows it to take advantage of the huge array of possibilities available for modifying the video format at the same time as it is broadcasted, in order to adapt to any storage limitations or further treatment.

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