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Cires21' services ensure the business investment and continuity, covering all the needs of our clients at any stage. It includes the solution design, the deployment, the operation and the maintenance. The commitment of the Cires21 team to offer solutions tailored to the customer's business model, complements our technology, thus becoming the best option available on the market for both linear channels as well as events with a high added value.


Professional services. They cover the areas of:

  • Consulting: a highly specialized team assists our clients in the process of coming up with the best design of a solution which fits the client's model. Our philosophy is that technology should fit the needs by optimizing operational tasks and ensuring the return on investment in the shortest time possible.
  • Development : all Cires21 products are software based.The high development capacity of the Cires21 professional team when linked with our products allows for cost-effective fully customized solutions.
  • Integration: The products of Cires21 feature the JSON API Restfull interfaces for integration with third-party equipment. The development team at Cires21 offers the possibility to perform integration for the development of advanced features, enriching the user experience of multi-device content, as well as covering the needs of process automation allowing for cost reduction.

Training. A team of experts in streaming solutions with a focus on training, helps our clients to understand the technology and have the necessary knowledge in order to perform an operation of the highest quality. The choice between on-site or remote training makes it adaptable to any need.


Support. The Cires21 support service was designed to meet all the needs of a live broadcast, both in linear channels as well as events. The commitment of Cires21 to continuously improve the quality standards together with its support service, assist our clients both in the preventive as well as in the corrective maintenance tasks, or help our customers validate any environment when faced with high-value events. There are four types of support:

  • Basic: removing the economic barriers that our clients might experience and which might hinder the access to the audiovisual streaming market.
  • Advanced: providing 24/7 phone support anywhere in the world, reducing response time to any query.
  • Premium : the customer will be provided with a technical assistant available 24/7 whoich has a highly detailed an extensive in detail knowledge of its architecture.
  • Customized: when the customer requires a special support service, Cires21 will offer the option that best fits with the client's needs, such as on-site assistance.


Assistance throughout the whole business life cycle. The Cires21 team's goal is to support the business of our clients and establish a solid relationship which enables results optimization both in the design stage, as well as in the integration and production stages.

Maximum adaptation to the customer's model. The integration and development services allow for a complete adjustment of the solution by reducing the complexity of the models and the production start-up times.

Safe investments and maximizationing of the Return on Investment. The functional flexibility of Cires21's products together with the professional services provided enable a rapid adoption of new features which will increase the added value of the customer's models when facinged with the new market needs.