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Cires21 and G@TV-UPM to collaborate in the I+D+I projects in the are of Video Encoding

Tuesday, 6 February, 2018
Cires21 and G @ TV-UPM sign a collaboration agreement for the development of R + D + i projects in the field of encoding and virtualization of services

Madrid, 2th July 2018, The C21 Live Director encoding platform together with the implementation of a tool set will be the first of the targets of the joint collaboration between Cires21 and the Visual Telecomunications Application group of the E.T.S.  Telecommunication Superior Engineering School at the Polythecnic University in Madrid.

It will be developed an application for the analisys of both local videos as those send through the Internet. This application will be accesible from a web interface for this purpose. Metrics for objective quality will be implemented with and without reference for local archive, and without reference for the streaming video flow. These metrics will react to common picture artefacts (blur, block effect) using VQA technique (Virtual Quality Assessment) and also Quality of Service (QoS) delivering the user automatically with a measurement of the quality of his live content.

C21 Live Director is a SaaS service which allows to easily manage multiple live streaming channels (linear 24/7 or live events) using customer resources on-premise, public and private clouds. It immediately meets all the growth needs, whether present or future, sizing, flexibility, high availability and high-quality. Anytime, anywhere.

Cires21 is a European leading Live Streaming technology solutions company that offers an integrated and unique technology to encode, manage, monitor and record multi-screen Live Streaming contents, innovative, integrated and simple solutions to ensure the level of service that the Broadcasting, Media, Telco and Sports companies offer to their final users.

Currently, GATV particpates in the three lynchpin projects related with  the live content production: the 5G-Media project, the RTVE Chair of the  UPM and a partnership with Cires21 to perform quality control in video signals to deliver the customer with a high quality of experience.

About Cires21

Cires21 delivers Live Streaming Solutions to all the professional ecosystem, from large broadcasters and main sport events programmers to best in class content owners and pay TVs across the globe.

Based in hardware, software and cloud models, Cires21 streaming platform enables all kinds of tier 1 Media providers to improve their capabilities by delivering a unique video experience over the internet.

Cires21 provides the only solution in the market that brings a mix of encoding, recording and monitoring solutions for Live Streaming, from any source to any user device allowing the combination of Appliance/Cloud based and CAPEX/OPEX business models




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