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Cires21 among the 101 companies that matter most in online video according to streaming media

Saturday, 14 October, 2017
Streaming Media Present the sixth-annual list of the most important companies in the European online video market. Cires21 once again selected

Madrid, SPAIN – OCTOBER 14, 2017 – This year’s Streaming Media Europe 101 presents sixth annual list of the most interesting, important, and influential companies in the online video space. Once again Cires21 has been selected by streaming media to be included in the list.

How do they pick the Streaming Media Europe 101? They start with a master list of all the companies they’re aware of in our space, then ask their editorial and publishing team to rank them on a scale of zero (doesn’t belong on the final list at all) to five (no list of important companies would be complete without it). The top 101 make the list. Interestingly, not a single company averaged a perfect five.
Congratulations to the 101 companies that matter most in online video.

About Cires21

Cires21 delivers Live Streaming Solutions to all the professional ecosystem, from large broadcasters and main sport events programmers to best in class content owners and pay TVs across the globe.

Based in hardware, software and cloud models, Cires21 streaming platform enables all kinds of tier 1 Media providers to improve their capabilities by delivering a unique video experience over the internet.

Cires21 provides the only solution in the market that brings a mix of encoding, recording and monitoring solutions for Live Streaming, from any source to any user device allowing the combination of Appliance/Cloud based and CAPEX/OPEX business models.www.cires21.com





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