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Cires21 supports through their participation, for the 3rd year in a row, the BIT Broadcast, the Audio-Visual Technology Trade show

Tuesday, 17 May, 2016
In this 17th edition of the Audio-Visual Technology Trade show, Cires21 is strengthening the positioning of its cloud streaming services.

The participation efforts of the company in this particular edition of the trade show are aimed at the positioning and the dissemination of the advantages and benefits particular to the audiovisual operators using C21 Live Cloud, Cires21's very own cloud streaming service.

Cires21 is a Spanish company specializing in the implementation and improvement of the multimedia capabilities by providing flexibility, quality and efficiency to the professional video processing. Moreover it has continuously supported BIT Broadcast for three of its editions. For this year's edition, the main focus is on disseminating and reinforcing of the benefits of its cloud streaming service, namely C21 Live Cloud. C21 Live Cloud offers its users the opportunity to own any video streaming product the company has to offer - anytime, anywhere.

Therefore, in order to achieve this objective, a big step forward was introducing the C21 Cires21 Live Cloud solution as an innovative product as part of the BIT INNOVA program - one of the Trade Show's initiative whose mission is to present new innovative projects within the audiovisual sector.

Moreover, within the Conference Program, the company will have a designated slot to be able to discuss in greater detail the benefits of this solution, such as encoding, recording, editing, decoding and monitoring of audiovisual content of live broadcasts, while being viewed from any device and in any format. All this is achieved while maintaining the highest quality and facilitating the distribution of new content, and, at the same, reducing the operating and deployment effort. Ultimately it always adapts the investment and spending to the needs of the customer. It will feature a knowledgeable and experienced client who is already enjoying all the above-mentioned advantages.

You will also find Cires21's booth in the exhibition area, Hall 14 Stand 12A09, where the company will be represented by its very own experts, readily available to further discuss and visualize those features of C21 Live Cloud solution which might be of interest to the visitors:

  • High availability and security
  • Dynamic allocation of resources
  • Scalability
  • Automatic deployment in multiple locations
  • International coverage
  • Real-time management through web or through C21 Live control.
  • Continuous operation with 24/7 technical support

About Cires21

Cires21 provides technological products, solutions and services that provide full flexibility, quality and efficiency to professional video processing for any type of device, at any given place, while enabling the distribution, management and monitoring of live contents of multiple formats, as well as the monetization.

Based on hardware, software and cloud models, the streaming platform of Cires21 allows for live video broadcasting, while implementing, optimizing and improving the infrastructure of its customers, national or international, according to their needs at any particular time and place.

Cires21's technology provides the largest audiovisual operators the possibility to establish and improve their multimedia capabilities.

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