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Cires21 is exhibiting one more year at IBC 2016

Thursday, 1 September, 2016
As part of the cloud streaming services strategy based on C21 Live Cloud, the company is looking to spread the benefits of its hybrid solution, combining low investment, reliability and quality.

Promotion of C21 Live Cloud Hybrid Platform is the focus of this year’s edition.

Madrid, 1st. September 2016, Cires21, the Spanish company specialized in the implementation and improvement of multimedia capabilities by providing flexibility, quality and efficiency to the professional video processing, participates one more year in IBC as exhibitor at the Content Everywhere Europe Hub, Hall 14, booth #K06.

C21 Live Cloud, our Cloud Computing service that allows users to access any of the Cires21 video streaming portfolio components anytime, anywhere, has allowed us to get a privileged leader position in live streaming with Tier 1 customers. We know market trends in media streaming point to a clear growth in its use by businesses, with broadcasting being a critical and key factor. Companies that broadcast their video content over the Internet are demanding last generation streaming solutions; solutions to maximize the audience and distribute new content, reducing the associated operating and deployment efforts while optimizing the investment.

C21 Live Streaming Hybrid Platform combines a single interface and on-premise capabilities with a set of Cloud-based resources that allow it to address any situation that involves an increase in audiences and devices. Its elasticity makes it possible for the platform’s resources to be extended and enables potential streaming activities to be handled without the need of additional investment and without the need to have staging-type environments.

“At Cires21, we are aware of the need to offer agile solutions to businesses, with Cloud-based systems that combine the requirements of low investment, reliability and quality that their huge audiences demand.”, said Carlos Luque, General Director at Cires21. “The elasticity of C21 Live Streaming Hybrid Platform is based on the platform’s capability to create servers dynamically with our virtual software resources: encoders, monitoring resources and live video editing, among others”, Mr. Luque concluded.

Finally, together with Syntelix, the smart telecommunications solution provider for business and organizations, and Hispasat, the Spanish satellite communications operator, we propose a tripartite demo of an End-to-end Hybrid Satellite-Cloud Live Streaming solution, looking to provide the market a multi-camera live Streaming event solution taking advantage of the benefits of both satellite communications and the cloud computing services of Cires21, C21 Live Cloud, to access any of its streaming portfolio components anytime, anywhere.

About Cires21

Cires21 delivers Live Streaming Solutions to all the professional ecosystem, from large broadcasters and main sport events programmers to best in class content owners and pay TVs across the globe.

Based in hardware, software and cloud models, Cires21 streaming platform enables all kinds of tier 1 Media providers to improve their capabilities by delivering a unique video experience over the internet.

Cires21 provides the only solution in the market that brings a mix of encoding, recording and monitoring solutions for Live Streaming, from any source to any user device allowing the combination of Appliance/Cloud based and CAPEX/OPEX business models.www.cires21.com

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